Welcome to Santorini Donkey!

Ride & Forget about everything

Ride your donkey through the paths of Imerovigli towards Oia on the side of the Caldera, Join with a group of new to be friends and witness the beauty of the island from a different perspective!

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Fira Port Donkey Rides

Avoid the Cable Car Lines!

Wether you are from a cruise ship here only one day or want to visit the beautiful port of Fira, A Donkey is the best way to go about it! Pre-book your donkey and make sure you find availability!

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Horse Riding on beautiful sights!

Choose your Destination and let's go!

You can choose from plenty of places to visit for a couple of hours on your horses, explore tha beauty of Santorini on a horse! and get the best pictures of your vacation!

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Santorini Donkey Booking Steps

The 3 simple steps to your Santorini donkey ride!

service 1

Sent us an email.

Let us know the Date & Time for your Donkey ride and we'll go from there!

service 2

Pay the Small deposit

To secure your Santorini donkey ride we require a small, typical deposit.

service 3

Meet & Ride!

Meet us at the arranged location and let's begin riding!

Check out our Donkey & Horse Rides!

Look through our Santorini Donkey & Horse adventures and memories.

project 1

Santorini Donkey ride in Fira

DateJuly 2016

Emma came to the island with a cruise ship and we wanted a donkey ride in Santorini up to Fira, She had a lot of fun as we can see!

project 2

Santorini Donkey Steps

DateAugust 2015

Claire, Also a cruise ship passenger decided to take the donkeys instead of waiting for the long cable car line! Her donkey ride is very fun!

project 3

Santorini Horse Ride

ClientWilliam and Josie
DateSeptember 2014

This lovely couple had their 2 hour horse riding adventure nearby the black beach of Vlychada and Theros, We've had some sight seeing and over all a fun day!

project 4

Santorini Donkey photo shooting!

ClientSome Client Name
DateJuly 2013

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

project 5

Santorini donkey tours

ClientAvian Family
Dateapril 2016

The avian family and friends joined us on one of our donkey tours on the paths of the caldera nearby fira!

project 6

Santorini horse riders - best men

ClientCollin Brothers
DateJune 2016

These gentlemen were a part of a wedding party which would take place in Santorini, So a couple days before the wedding decided to have a Santorini horse riding adventure for some men time!

project 7

Santorini ride through Oia

DateMay 2015

In this picture we see one of the donkey guides in the daily routine itinerary ready to go down to Ammoudi port to begin the donkey rides for the day!

project 8

Santorini Donkey - The Animals

AnimalsMules and Donkeys
DateJuly 2016

This is just a sneak peak of the number of Donkeys and Mules we take care of all year round and we prepare for the donkey tours here in Santorini.

project 9

Santorini horse adventures in Megalochori

DateOctober 2015

Megalochori is one of the most traditional villages of Santorini, You can have a horse ride through the small town and take pictures of the best pictursque village you'll ever see!

  • santorinidonkey

    Santorini Donkey

    Big Mule

  • santorinifiradonkeys

    Santorini Donkeys in Fira

    Skala port

  • santorinihorseride

    Santorini Horse Ride

    By the black beach

  • santorinidonkeys

    Santorini Donkeys

    White Mules

  • santorinidonkeysfiraport

    Santorini Donkeys At Cable Car

    Fira Port

  • santorinihorseriding

    Santorini Horse Riding

    Through the island

  • santorinidonkeyoia

    Santorini Donkey Oia

    A Ride through the village of Oia

  • santorinidonkeysteam

    Santorini Donkey Team

    Big Family, Many Animals

  • santorinihorseadventures

    Santorini Horse Adventures

    In the village

The Santorini Donkey Locations!

Some starting points of Santorini Donkey Guides and tours!

team 1

Fira Port

Fira Port

Skala port, known as the cable car port is located in Fira, This is the where cruise ships dock and people go up in Fira with either the cable car or better even the donkeys!

team 1

Santorini Donkey Terminal

Santorini Donkey Terminal

Santorini donkey terminal is one of the many meeting points around the island for donkey tours, Here you can take the popular Fira to Oia walk with a donkey!

team 1

Ammoudi Oia

Ammoudi Oia

Ammoudi is very beautiful to sit down and have lunch or dinner at the tavern watching the sunset, But there is no parking ever, So what you can do is ride your donkey down to the port and back up again after your dinner.

About Us

The team of Santorini Donkey is families and owners of Donkeys for over 100 years. We are the ones that keep the traditional ways of transportation alive and offer a unique experience cultural sight-seeing tours on the beautiful paths of Santorini for everyone who wants a taste of the real Santorini!

Strong Points

  • Riding Expertise

  • Hospitality

  • Booking Ease

  • Easy Communication

We operate all year round!

Unlike the cars, Our animals don't stop working, We take care of them all year round and we keep them in shape in case of people interested in donkey tours and horse riding in the Winter, We will never say no to availability! You can book a Donkey ride in Santorini all year round.

Everything starts with a simple email. Click below to get there!


Few words from our clients!

Santorini Donkey Ride reviews and kind words.

"Riding a donkey with my friends was one of the most fun experiences on our vacation in Santorini. Glad we got to do that!"

client 1 Gilbert Client

"It is a really beautiful island that of Santorini, and booking a Donkey ride in Santorini really get you in that traditional feeling we all want!"

client 2 Conan Client

"Our Santorini donkey ride was so much fun! and our guide made it even more special, Thanks for everything!"

client 3 Harrison Client

A Santorini Donkey ride can be the perfect tour for the exploring types, Get the chance to ride our first way of transportation!

Santorini Donkey Rides Price

Santorini donkey ride prices for few of our services, There are plenty more to discover!

Fira Port Ride

  • €19,99
  • One Way Transportation
  • 1 Person Per donkey
  • Up or Down

Imerovigli to Oia

  • €45,00
  • 2 hour tour
  • 1 Person Per Donkey
  • To Oia and Back

Sunset Horse Ride

  • €100,00
  • 2 hour Tour
  • 1 Person Per Horse
  • On the Caldera Tour

We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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